Neegani Investments is a fund that invests in small to medium size enterprises either in the form of equity or debt financing. The primary geographical area for investing is northern Ontario, but not exclusively, the fund will consider other investments outside of the focus area if the investment meets certain criteria.

The types of investment can range from start-ups, acquisitions, and expansions. The transaction may be a share purchase or purchase of business assets. The fund generally prefers to partner with other strategic or angel investors, banks, Aboriginal Financial Institutions (AFI), or main stream investment funds. The fund will invest up to $300,000 per investment with an exit strategy within 7 years of the initial investment.

The fund will partner with AFIs in transactions with other government programs that include grants, Interest Rate Buy down (IRB) products and non-repayable loans.


106 Centennial Square, 2nd Floor
Thunder Bay, ON P7E 1H3

Tel: 807-623-5397
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Toll-Free: 1-800-465-6821